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Who tracks you there?

  We scan the site for companies who collect tracking data.
We add points for each company based on these factors:
  • Anonymity
    20 points

    They don’t associate personal identification data with your profile.

  • Boundaries
    5 points

    They keep out of sensitive areas like health history, financial records or religion.

  • Choice
    5 points

    They allow users to opt-out of behavioral ad targeting.

  • Retention
    10 points

    They delete data within one year (or lose points ratably).

  • Oversight
    10 points

    They are subject to oversight from industry organizations.

  • Each company’s score is weighted based on how often they show up in our sample.

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No NAI Membership
The Digital Advertising Alliance is a group of companies that pledge adherence to published privacy guidelines enforced through external testing.
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Special privacy considerations

You have one profile across all Google services. This means your personal data, searches and behavior are available to all Google applications and advertising. You should log out and use private browsing for Google services that you do not want associated with your Google profile.

Concentration of data increases privacy risk. Google’s privacy score does not reflect the additional risk posed by the breadth of Google’s data collection. If you make extensive Google services – such as Google Search and Gmail -- this increases the impact on your privacy if Google does not honor its privacy policies.

New privacy policy. This privacyscore is based on Google's revised and unified privacy policy, which will be effective on March 1, 2012.